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EAPD Young Scientist Award: Dr Nikos Lygidakis

8 July 2020

Dr Nick Lygidakis paediatric dentistry research

Many congratulations to researcher Dr Nikos Lygidakis who was recently awarded the Young Scientist Award at the 15th Congress of the European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (EAPD).
Dr Lygidakis gave a presentation on his work with Dr Elaine Allan on the antibacterial properties of a range of novel, easy-to-place tooth restoration (filling) materials.  

These composite materials are being developed and clinically trialled in paediatric patients by Professors Anne Young, Paul Ashley and team. 

Unlike conventional composites, these new formulations have been designed to be placed without anaesthetic, drill, complex bonding steps or other aerosol generating procedures. 

The great ease of placement could transform paediatric dentistry; furthermore, the reduction in aerosol generation reduces the risk of viral spread in clinic.*

Professor Anne Young said “With the recent ban on amalgam for children, there is a growing need for more effective fillings to restore caries affected teeth in young patients.  

“This is a great achievement by Nick.  His work has supported a recent clinical trial at the Institute which demonstrated the materials could be successfully placed in under 5 minutes.  

“The formulations bond and seal the disease-affected dentine killing the underlying bacteria.”  

Read more about our work on novel filling materials.

*Why are Aerosol Generating Procedures a concern during a pandemic?

Aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) are defined as any medical or patient care procedure that results in the production of airborne particles (aerosols). Aerosols are produced when an air current moves across the surface of a film of liquid; the greater the force of the air the smaller the particles that are produced.

High speed drilling during dental procedures, for example, uses a water spray to keep the tooth cool and remove debris – this creates an aerosol. 

Aerosols are a big problem when trying to prevent transmission of respiratory viruses like the COVID-19 virus as they greatly increase the distance the virus can spread and the time it remains infectious. As a result one of the big problems facing dentistry now is continuing to provide effective high quality care whilst avoiding or minimising the use of aerosol generating procedures

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