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Unparalleled CPD – Unique Opportunities at UCL Eastman

20 July 2017

Laser class

By Dr Albert Leung, Director of Continuing Professional Development

Here at UCL Eastman Dental Institute we have significantly expanded our CPD course offerings in order to help modern dentists meet modern challenges.

  • Do you have nervous patients?
  • Are you interested in working with your local sports club?
  • Do you want to introduce laser dentistry to your team?
  • Are worried you have de-skilled after a break from work?
  • Do you struggle to use local anaesthesia effectively?

The popularity of UCL Eastman Dental Institute as a centre for CPD derives from the close contact with enthusiastic clinicians who are interested in the latest techniques for treatment. Our teachers are experts at their areas of clinical practice, with strong academic backgrounds. They have a progressive, hard-working, friendly and collaborative attitude to teaching, allowing them to share their considerable knowledge and experience via an unparalleled range of courses:

Our Dental Hypnosis course runs over five Saturdays and provides you with practical, powerful techniques to address patient anxiety, phobic responses to treatment, and fear of pain.

Our Sports Dentistry course runs over a week in October and shows you how to prevent and treat sports injuries and trauma through a deeper understanding of oral health and how it relates to athletic performance.

Our Fellowship in Laser Dentistry runs over eight days in January-April and provides you with sound knowledge of and experience in laser dentistry for soft and hard tissue, and shows you how to incorporate laser use in your everyday practice. 

Our Return to Dentistry course provides you with a full day of hands-on practice to refresh your skills after a break from work. The small group teaching is ideal for anyone who needs support to improve confidence in their clinical skills. 

Our Practical Local Anaesthesia course addresses the positive and negative clinical effects of local anaesthesia in order to minimise adverse drug reactions in your patients.

We are committed to providing a broad range of CPD programmes to enhance your everyday practice, progress your career and help you facilitate excellent care of your patients.

As general dental practitioners, you face so many challenges every day, from dealing with anxious patients to increasing practice revenue. We have designed these unique CPD courses to give you and your practice the knowledge and experience necessary to rise above those challenges and help you stand out from the competitive crowd.

“Mind-expanding course that will put your clinical practice in a different light both for you and your patients.” – Dental Hypnosis student

“The course was excellent… the diversity of aspects dealt with in the course, and the detail and thoroughness covered was, I am sure, unparalleled… I think it is probably the best post-graduate course I have attended.” – Sports Dentistry student

“This has to be one of the best possible courses I have attended. Well done and thank you.” – Laser Dentistry student

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