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Dentists who are ahead of the game understand that dental microscopy offers huge advantages including

  • bright, clear illumination without shadows, such as in distal box forms;
  • increased operator comfort due to decreased back and neck stress;
  • the ability to see fine detail such as cracks in teeth and marginal fit;
  • enhanced patient communication with clear recorded images.

Since 2012, UCL Eastman has offered a range of Microscopy CPD courses including endodontics and restorative dentistry presented by specialists who have worked daily with dental microscopes for the past twenty years.

Our CPD courses are the perfect introduction to the operating microscope, allowing participants to experience that breath-taking moment when they see for themselves what a difference microscopy makes.

Courses currently scheduled

We currently do not have any courses scheduled.

Courses not currently scheduled

Dental Microscopy: Endodontics
A one-day course focusing on the dental operating microscope in endodontics. Register your interest.

Dental Microscopy: Restorative Dentistry
A one-day course focusing on the dental operating microscope in restorative dentistry. Register your interest.

Visiting Staff
Dr Greg Finn
Dr Tony Druttman

Microscopy CPD courses are held in our academic teaching facilities, which comprise of four fully equipped seminar rooms; three skills laboratories with a total of 50 individual work stations, each with its own phantom head equipment and computer screen linked to a teaching station; five well equipped surgeries (with Zeiss microscopes) for clinical sessions and an open space where peer groups can meet to discuss the day’s teaching over tea and coffee.


Miss Marjorie Kelly

Course Administrator
020 7905 1234