Eastman Dental Institute


Staff list

Below you can find a list of all current staff by department. Please visit the Study and Research sections for more information on individual academic staff.

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Continuing Professional Development
Craniofacial Growth & Development
  • Dr Paul Ashley, Senior Clinical Lecturer (Honorary NHS Consultant)        
  • Professor Susan Cunningham, Professor in Orthodontics        
  • Professor Nigel Hunt, Professor of Orthodontics
  • Dr Susan Parekh, Clinical Lecturer/ Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry
  • Fiona Ryan, Clinical Lecturer Consultant in Orthodontics
  • Owaise Sharif, Clinical Lecturer/Honorary Consultant in Orthodontics
Maxillofacial Medicine & Surgery
Microbial Diseases
Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

  • Robin Amanullah, Clinical Teaching Fellow
  • Devina Bhowruth, Research Vascular Scientist / Technologist 
  • Jacopo Buti, Senior Clinical Lecturer
  • Lillian Chiu, Clinical Lecturer
  • Professor Francesco D’Aiuto, Reader in Periodontology
  • Kruti Desai, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow in Periodontology
  • Dr Nicola Di Vitale, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow
  • Glynis Evans, Dental Lecturer
  • Heather Finch, Administrative Assistant
  • Martin Brian Gough, Senior Clinical Lecturer
  • Ruth Glover, Clinical Teaching Fellow in Dental Hygiene
  • Professor Kishor Gulabivala, Professor of Endodontology
  • Lusine Hakobyan, Clinical Trial Practitioner, ECIC
  • Banbai Hirani, Research Dental Nurse
  • Richard Horwitz, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow in Periodontology
  • Victoria Hoskins, Clinical Research Facilities Manager, ECIC
  • Alastair Jolly, Senior Chief Instructor Technician
  • Bryar Koyi, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow in Periodontology
  • Dr Yago Leira, Senior Clinical Research Fellow
  • Dr Natalie Leow, Clinical Lecturer in Periodontology
  • Aaron Lopez-Lago Garcia, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow in Periodontology
  • Professor Ailbhe Mcdonald, Senior Lecturer/Honorary Consultant
  • Georgios Milesis, Clinical Lecturer in Endodontology
  • Fedrico Moreno, Clinical Lecturer in Periodontology
  • Professor Ian Needleman, Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Evidence-Informed Healthcare
  • Michael Nesbit, Insturctor Dental technician
  • Yuan Ng, Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Katarzyna Niziolek, Research Dental Nurse
  • Dr Marco Orlandi, Clinical Research Associate
  • Claudia Pacini, Clinical Trials Practitioner
  • Manish Patel, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow
  • Keval Patel, Clinical Teaching Fellow
  • Dr Lambis (Charalampos) Petridis, Senior Clinical Lecturer
  • Roberto Rotundo, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow in Periodontology
  • Steven Saberi, Instructor Dental Technician
  • Raelene Sambrook, Clinical Lecturer in Prosthodontics
  • Sachin Shah, Clinical Teaching Fellow in Prosthodontics
  • Jeanie Suvan, Clinical Trials Coordinator
  • Beata Szczepkowska, Research Dental Nurse, ECIC 
  • Michael Weisbloom, Chief Instructor and Laboratory Manager
Professional Services
  • Alexander Allsopp, Admissions Administrator
  • Michelle Bush, Personal Assistant
  • Sarah Circus, Programme Administrator
  • Alison Gibson, CPD Business Officer
  • Sara Green, Marketing and Communication Officer
  • Marjorie Kelly, Short Course Administrator
  • Laura Nagle, Senior Programme Administrator
  • Rhondda Pierre, Senior Programme Administrator
  • Bhavisha Sachania, Programme Administrator
  • Alicia Simpson-Watt, Media Technologist
  • John Spittles, Programme Administrator

Marianne Dang

Marianne Dang, Research Student  Administrator

Sarah Dougles

Sarah Douglas, Project Manager

Nichola Faddoul

Nichola Faddoul, Programme Administrator

Sara Giampietro

Sara Giampietro, Academic Support Manager

Susie Goodman

Susanna Goodman, Programme Administrator

Steve Heggie

Steven Heggie, Institute Manager

Pawan Kashyap

Pawan Kashyap, Programme Administrator

Kate Marr

Kate Marr, Short Courses Administrator

Rene Ponciano

Renato Ponciano, Research Grant and Finance Officer

Paula Sandmas

Paula Sandamas, Academic Support and Quality Officer

Tayjal Tailor

Tayjal Tailor, Human Resources Officer

Wendy Taylor

Wendy Taylor, Programme Administrator

Trevor Willock

Trevor Willock, Management Accountant