Eastman Dental Institute


Staff list

Below you can find a list of all current staff by department. Please visit the Study and Research sections for more information on individual academic staff.

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Continuing Professional Development
Craniofacial Growth & Development
Maxillofacial Medicine & Surgery
Microbial Diseases
Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

  • Robin Amanullah, Clinical Teaching Fellow
  • Tanya Barrett, Research Dental Nurse
  • Devina Bhowruth, Research Vascular Scientist / Technologist 
  • Jacopo Buti, Senior Clinical Lecturer
  • Professor Francesco D’Aiuto, Reader in Periodontology
  • Dr Nicola Di Vitale, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow
  • Heather Finch, Administrative Assistant
  • Atrina Ghezel, Clinical Lecturer in Endodontology
  • Martin Brian Gough, Senior Clinical Lecturer
  • Ruth Glover, Clinical Teaching Fellow in Dental Hygiene
  • Professor Kishor Gulabivala, Professor of Endodontology
  • Lusine Hakobyan, Clinical Trial Practitioner, ECIC
  • Banbai Hirani, Research Dental Nurse
  • Victoria Hoskins, Clinical Research Facilities Manager, ECIC
  • Alastair Jolly, Senior Chief Instructor Technician
  • Aaron Lopez-Lago Garcia, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow in Periodontology
  • Yago Leira, Senior Clinical Research Fellow
  • Natalie Leow, Clinical Lecturer in Periodontology
  • Professor Ailbhe Mcdonald, Senior Lecturer/Honorary Consultant
  • Georgios Milesis, Clinical Lecturer in Endodontology
  • Fedrico Moreno, Clinical Lecturer in Periodontology
  • Eva Munoz Aguilera, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow in Periodontology
  • Professor Ian Needleman, Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Evidence-Informed Healthcare
  • Dr Touraj Nejatian, Clinical Teaching Fellow in Prosthodontics
  • Michael Nesbit, Instructor Dental technician
  • Yuan Ng, Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Katarzyna Niziolek, Research Dental Nurse
  • Dr Marco Orlandi, Clinical Research Associate
  • Claudia Pacini, Clinical Trials Practitioner
  • Manish Patel, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow
  • Keval Patel, Clinical Teaching Fellow
  • Dr Lambis (Charalampos) Petridis, Senior Clinical Lecturer
  • Roberto Rotundo, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow in Periodontology
  • Maja Sabalic, Clinical Training Fellow/ NIHR Clinical Lecturer
  • Steven Saberi, Instructor Dental Technician
  • Raelene Sambrook, Clinical Lecturer in Prosthodontics
  • Sachin Shah, Clinical Teaching Fellow in Prosthodontics
  • Jeanie Suvan, Clinical Trials Coordinator
  • Beata Szczepkowska, Research Dental Nurse, ECIC 
  • Michael Weisbloom, Chief Instructor and Laboratory Manager
Professional Services


  • Michelle Bush, Personal Assistant
  • Sarah Circus, Programme Administrator
  • Marianne Dang, Research Student Administrator
  • Thom Dixon, Programme Administrator
  • Sarah Douglas, Project Manager 
  • Nichola Faddoul, Programme Administrator
  • Sara Giampietro, Academic Support Manager
  • Fiona Hashani, Programme Administrator
  • Marjorie Kelly, Short Course Administrator
  • Kate Marr, Short Courses Administrator
  • Jessica McGee, Programme Administrator
  • Jennifer O'Donnell, Programme Administrator
  • Yekunde Ogunnaike, Admissions Administrator
  • Sam Photiades, Institute Manager
  • Rhondda Pierre, Senior Programme Administrator
  • Renato Ponciano, Research Grant and Finance Officer
  • Melissa Zadmoghadas, Academic Support and Quality Officer
  • John Spittles, Senior Programme Administrator
  • Tayjal Tailor, Human Resources Officer
  • Wendy Taylor, Programme Administrator
  • Trevor Willock, Management Accountant