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Prof Tim Atkinson

Emeritus Research Associate


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Emeritus Research Associate

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Research Summary

  • Hydrogeology Application of tracers to hydrogeological problems. Geochemistry, hydraulics and hydrology of karst aquifers. Dispersion of pollutants in rivers and groundwaters. Applications to environmental impact assessment of landfills and quarries, and to water resource development.
  • Geochemistry of uranium and its decay products, including radon, with applications to radiometric dating and hydrogeology.
  • Hydrology, especially of hillslopes and unsaturated porous media. Estimation of drought frequency and recurrence interval from long climatic records.
  • Geomorphology, especially of karst terrains. U-series dating of speleothems as a tool in geomorphic studies. Denudation rates and long-term landscape evolution.
  • Palaeoclimatology Numerical reconstruction of ice-age climates and palaeo-waterbalance from fossil biologic and geologic data. Speleothems as palaeoclimatic indicators. Isotopic analysis of speleothems and application of the results to palaeo-climate modelling.
  • Quaternary geology, especially applications of radiometric dating.