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Dr Chris Dean

Palaeoenvironment, macroecology, mammalian fossil,

Research Fellow in Palaeontology

Dr Chris Dean



Research Fellow K. Lonsdale Building, 

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Research Summary

My research focuses mainly on the human and geological factors that impact the quality of the fossil record and how these in turn may impact our view and understanding of macroecology in deep time. In particular, I am interested in how these biases are expressed across geographic space.

I am currently working on applying the ecological technique of occupancy modelling to the mammalian fossil record of the last 1 million years in order to better understand patterns in extinction selectivity and range size change, as well as to provide relative biodiversity baselines for conservation. I also carry out research on the Late Cretaceous fossil record of dinosaurs in North America in order to understand the varying influences of geology and biology on their perceived decline prior to the K/Pg extinction.