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Dr Catalina Sanchez-Roa

Rock mechanics, fluid-rock interaction, earthquakes, geothermal energy, fracture healing and sealing

Research Associate


 Dr Catalina Sanchez-Roa




Research AssociateK. Lonsdale Building, 2M06

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Seismological Laboratory

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c.sanchez-roa@ucl.ac.uk+44 (0)20 3108 6313 (56313)

Research Summary

My research focuses on the role of mineralogy, petrology and rock physical properties in geological processes of importance to society and industry. I use a combination of experimental rock mechanics and analytical techniques (XRD, XRF, SEM, SEM-FIB and TEM) to evaluate the strength and mechanical stability of rocks under changing physico-chemical conditions. In particular, I study the mineral changes that occur as a result of temperature and pressure gradients in faults and fractured zones. By quantifying rock physical properties, my work provides data to support a safer exploitation of the subsurface for energy generation and waste storage.