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Dr Ado Farsi

Rock Deformation, solid mechanics, fracture mechanics and multi-body dynamics, material testing

Research Fellow in Rock Deformation





Research Fellow    K. Lonsdale Building

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Rock & Ice Physics Laboratory 

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Research Summary

I’m a research fellow at UCL and a research associate at Imperial College London.

I am passionate about science, technology, and engineering. My areas of expertise include numerical methods, solid mechanics, and material testing. I have an extensive track record of employing computational simulations and experiments to solve challenging engineering problems.

I am considered a world expert in the field of fracture mechanics and multi-body dynamics. I have been an invited speaker and session organiser at several international research conferences. My research spans from the study of fibre-reinforced concrete tunnels and the deformation and fragmentation of rocks, to the optimisation of catalyst supports for the production of hydrogen.

I have more than 9 years of experience accomplishing successful partnerships with industry and government bodies, which include PETRONAS (energy sector), Johnson Matthey (chemical engineering) and Transport for London (construction engineering).

I have been a member of the Royal Society’s RAMP committee (Rapid Assistance in Modelling the COVID Pandemic) that provides the UK government with scientific advice during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was also the representative of postdocs and fellows of the Earth Science and Engineering Department at Imperial College London and I am currently a committee member of the Imperial Postdoc and Fellows Enterprise Network. I am also a Lead Software Engineer at Tanuki Technologies and a consultant for Imperial College Consultants.

When I am not busy running computer simulations or making experiments with high-velocity impact testing machines, I also sing (mostly jazz and rock) and play guitar.