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Dr Lanqing Huang

Radar remote sensing, sea ice topography

SNSF Postdoc Mobility Fellow

Dr Lanquing Huang




SNSF Postdoc Mobility FellowK. Lonsdale Building,

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The Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling (CPOM) 

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lanqing.huang@ucl.ac.ukMS Teams only

Research Summary

I currently hold the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Postdoc Mobility Fellowship, where my research focuses on the exploration of remote sensing data and the application of AI techniques in characterizing sea ice topography. My expertise lies in the development of advanced synthetic aperture radar (SAR) techniques for sea ice classification and elevation retrieval. 

Continuous monitoring of sea ice is crucial for understanding the contrasting changes occurring in Arctic and Antarctic sea ice. Remote sensing offers a consistent means of characterizing sea ice on a global scale, significantly enhancing our ability to observe sea ice changes in Antarctica over time. My proposed SNSF project aimed at characterizing Antarctic sea ice, which includes assessing its topography, snow layer depth, and thickness using radar altimeters and multi-frequency SAR sensors. 

This project will advance our understanding of Antarctic sea ice in the context of a changing climate. I am excited to collaborate with researchers and industry professionals in the pursuit of sustainable solutions for our changing planet.