UCL Earth Sciences


Prof Pieter Vermeesch

Geochemistry, geochronology, remote sensing, thermochronology

Professor of Geochronology

Dr Pieter Vermeesch




Professor of GeochronologyKathleen Lonsdale, 116

Courses Taught:

GEOL0017: Isotope Geochemistry
GEOL0051: Research Methods

Research Group(s):

London Geochronology Centre 

Email Address:

Telephone Number:

p.vermeesch@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 6369 (56369)

Research Summary

Prof Pieter Vermeesch carries out research in the following areas:

  • New analytical approaches to U-Th-He, U-Pb and K-Ar-geochronology.
  • Novel applications of detrital geochronology and cosmogenic nuclide dating.
  • Remote sensing of sand dune migration with the 'COSI-Corr' change detection algorithm.
  • Provenance and dynamics of dune sand in Namibia, China and Arabia.
  • Tracing the origin of Chinese loess through geologic time.

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