UCL Earth Sciences


Dr Jieming Niu - Research Associate, Geophysics

20 December 2017

The first crater of the Naka-dake volcano, Aso caldera, Japan

Dr Jieming Niu

As a research associate in UCL, I carried out a field trip to Aso caldera in the centre of Kyushu Island, Japan this October. The aim was to recognise the past and current field states of the volcano as well as the modern/historical instrumentation around the central cone. 

The particular photo shows myself visiting the first crater of the Naka-dake volcano, Aso caldera. Of course, the green crater lake, white volcanic gas (mainly SO2) and black volcano ash were surrounding me. This trip was really amazing in helping me recognising various phenomena of an active volcano and potential problems of the seismic instruments in the field. Thanks Professor Takahiro Ohkura from Aso Volcanological Laboratory, Kyoto University and Dr. Mare Yamamoto from Tohoku Univeristy for organising this field trip.

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