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Microfossil Stratigraphy

Improved geological models aiding hydrocarbon reservoir development and management.

The need to date sedimentary rocks is central to the commercial exploitation of oil and gas, many large construction projects, and much Earth Sciences investigation. To serve such industrial, commercial, and academic needs, the Institute led by Bown (UCL) recognised the potential of the internet as a tool to link user communities amongst academics, associations and industry. IEPS led on the establishment in 2011 of Nannotax.org, launched via international workshops hosted by industry and academia. 

Microfossil Stratigraphy

This initiative, supported by NERC, International Nannoplankton Association, SEPM, and The Micropalaeontological Society, provides 467 international academic and industry users with an authoritative guide to nannofossil taxonomy and biostratigraphy, allowing user participation through comments and contributions. The website has received over 1.5 million visits.

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