UCL Earth Sciences


Geochemistry Laboratory

Laboratory Manager: Gary Tarbuck

This laboratory measures the geochemical properties of the Earth’s surface materials, underpinning research on biogeochemical cycling and environmental pollution.

If you require use of the Geochemistry Laboratory, please contact the laboratory manager,Gary Tarbuck, to discuss the work proposed.

Equipment housed in the Geochemistry Laboratory

  • Horoba JY Ultima 2C ICP-AES
  • Dionex Ion Chromatograph
  • Leco® C/S Analyser
  • Shimadzu 5000 TOC/DOC Analyser
  • VG-MassLab GCMS (with P&T facility)
  • Milestone microwave extraction labstation
  • 3m Laminar Flow Hood with Activated Carbon Filter (for trace-organic work)
  • HF Scrubbing Fume Cupboards
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Elga Ultra Pure Water
  • a variety of minor equipment

After discussion with the laboratory manager, should technical assistance be needed for the work, fill out this Geochemistry Job Requisition Form and e-mail it to the chair of the Geochemistry Scheduling Forum, Prof. John McArthur.

Please Note:

Please note requests for assistance with student projects must originate from supervisors.