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Departmental Mailing lists

Departmental Mailing lists

Departmental Mailing lists

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E-mail is our main means of written communication so please read your e-mail regularly. All mailing lists have the @ucl.ac.uk suffix

General lists:

es-allall staff and students, emeriti , visitors, honorary and affiliated members of the department 
 es-seminars as es-all plus external associates (including BBK or IRDR as per request)


es-ucl-staffall current staff (academics including postdoctoral staff, and professional support) - Earth Sciences, UCL paid employees only no honorary staff. 
es-acadall permanent members of academic staff and teaching fellows only. Also some PS staff as required.
es-postdocsall postdoctoral members of staff only 
es-psall professional services (technical and administrative) staff


es-studentsAll students in our department
es-ud11st Year undergraduates
es-ud22nd year undergraduates
es-ud33rd year undergraduates
es-ud44th year undergraduates
es-natscithe Natural Sciences stream students in Earth Sciences
es-msc-geohazardsM.Sc. students Geophysical Hazards Course
es-msc-geoscienceM.Sc. students Geoscience Course
es-naturalhazardsNatural Hazards Diploma students
es-phdAll Ph.D. students.  Please contact Danuta Kaminski to be addedd to this list.


es-wiesEarth Science female academic members including female PhDs. Please email Prof Vocadlo to be added to this list.

Please note: All mailing lists are monitored by an appropriate member of Earth Sciences staff. In addition D. Kaminski is a member of all departmental lists as the lists administrator.

Data Protection Disclaimer: You have the rights to opt-out from being a member of any of these mailing lists. To do so you must email d.kaminski@ucl.ac.uk