Early Phase Cancer Trials Programme at UCL and UCLH


Early Phase Cancer Trials Portfolio

A list of our early phase cancer trials which are open to recruitment at University College London Hospitals


Early Phase Cancer Clinical Trials Open to Recruitment:

Our early phase cancer trials programme has a diverse portfolio of trials focused across on a wide range of different tumour categories and treatment options.

Our current portfolio can be divided across these tumour groups. Click on the hyperlinked tumour category or the left-hand navigation pages.

advanced solid tumours
Haematology - Multiple Myeloma
Head & Neck
Haematology - Acute Leukaemia & MDS
Haematology - Lymphoma & CLL


Trials In Set-Up:

Our growing portfolio of early phase cancer trials ensures access to novel treatment for patients. The comprehensive list can be found on the 'Trials in Set-Up' Page.


UCLH Find a Study Database:

To find more information on UCLH CRF Early Phase Cancer Clinical Trials, including eligibility criteria, click the hyperlinked Local Project Reference (LRP) ID, which will take you to the UCLH Find a Study database.

The 'UCLH Find a Study' database, which provides details of all clinical trials currently recruiting at UCLH. Patients and the public can search the database of trials by disease area and the age of patients being recruited. You can search for studies using the ‘Study Name’ and/or ‘Local Project Reference’ (LRP).