Early Phase Cancer Trials Programme at UCL and UCLH


Clinicians & Researchers

To view a comprehensive list of cancer clinical trials open to recruitment as part of the Early Phase Cancer Trials Programme, please visit our Early Phase Cancer Trials Portfolio page.


Referral Information

UCLH Clinical Research Facility 170 Tottenham Court Road Waiting Area


If you wish to refer a patient for one of our early phase cancer trials, the most appropriate manner is to directly email the Principal Investigator.

Please note, when referring patients, ensure you use nhs.net emails. Patient identifiable data should not be sent to/from non-NHS email accounts.



UCLH Clinical Research Facility Reception: 020 3447 2929/72930
Reception Fax: 0203 447 2994



NIHR UCLH Clinical Research Facility,
University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, 4th Floor, 170 Tottenham Court Road,
London, W1T 7HA


We only accept patients with UK permanent residency. If you wish to refer international patients, please do inform us if you wish to discuss this on an individual case-by-case basis.


Please Note – If you are a patient and wish to be referred onto one of our cancer clinical trials. You must discuss this with your treating oncologist/clinician who can make the referral.

Please do not directly email Principal Investigators as they will not be able to accept your request without a clinician’s referral.

More information regarding taking part in a clinical trial and the process can be found on our Being Part of a Clinical Trial page.