Early Phase Cancer Trials Programme at UCL and UCLH



Clinical Research Facility Cancer Portfolio Metrics

Here we present a list of useful metrics related to Cancer clinical trials at the NIHR UCLH Clinical Research Facility


Cancer Trials Open to Recruitment by Tumour Group

NIHR UCLH Clinical Research Facility Trials Open and in Set-Up March 2022


As of March 2022 we have a total of 29 early phase cancer clinical trials open to recruitment with 39 clinical trials currently in set-up.

The Pie Chart below shows between January 2019 - April 2021 we had a total of 78 cancer clinical trials open to recruitment. The chart also shows how the portfolio looked by tumour group.

Our portfolio spreads across a diverse range of tumour groups. At this time the portfolio was dominated by clinical trials on Solid Tumours (trials investigating an IMP on multiple solid tumour types - often referred to as umbrella studies). The Haematology studies (divided into Myeloma and Lymphoma) also made up a large percentage of the portfolio. 

Pie Chart Open Trials April 2021


Recruitment Figures

The below combined Line and Bar Graph shows our recruitment figures for the year 2021 (from 01 January 2021 - 30 December 2021).

Early Phase Cancer Trials Portfolio Recruitment 2021