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Cnut Conference 2016

06 July 2016–09 July 2016, 9:00 am–11:30 pm

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Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, UCL

Æthelred II and Cnut the Great. A Millennial Conference to Commemorate the Siege of London in 1016

6-9 July 2016, University College London and University of Winchester

The UCL Institute of Archaeology is one of the sponsors of a millennial conference to commemorate the siege of London in 1016.

The conference Aethelred II and Cnut the Great will take place at both UCL and the University of Winchester from 6-9 July 2016. It will explore the relationship between Anglo-Saxon England and Scandinavia during the early eleventh century, with a focus on the political and cultural repercussions of regime change in 1016 and the role of London in that process.

Andrew Reynolds will give a keynote lecture entitled London in the Age of Cnut: The Archaeological Perspective while Stuart Brookes will also give a presentation Civil defence and London in the reign of Æthelred II: innovation or stagnation?

Further details of the conference and the final programme is available on the Cnut Conference 2016 dedicated website.

Andrew and Stuart are currently compiling the Early Medieval Atlas, a long-term collaborative venture which is collating and analysing spatial evidence for early medieval Britain. This initiative brings together graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and other scholars from both within and beyond UCL for seminars, workshops and conferences.