UCL Ear Institute


Ear Institute External Seminar: John Kelly

28 July 2017, 1:00 pm

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Ear Institute Seminar Room G33

We are delighted to welcome back our former PhD student John Kelly, now of the University of Western Ontario. He will give the last external seminar before the summer break entitled:

“Connexins, pannexins and oxidative stress in health, disease…and hearing”

More about John:

My research has primarily focused on elucidating the cellular mechanisms and consequences of connexin mutations that lead to human disease and hearing loss. Much of my work has focused on two gap junction proteins, which, when mutated, cause skin disease and/or hearing loss (Cx30) and occulodentodigital dysplasia  (Cx43). Currently, we are using a variety of transgenic mouse lines to investigate the roles of Panx1, Panx3 and Cx43 in the cochlea. In addition, we are investigating a potential treatment for oxidative stress-associated hearing loss using a novel, targeted antioxidant.