UCL Ear Institute


Dr Ray Glover

Honorary Senior Research Associate

Email: gencier@ieee.org

Ray Glover holds the honorary position of Senior Research Associate.  He graduated with BSc in electronics from the University of Kent where he also received a PhD for research in artificial neural networks.

After two and a half years with the Ministry of Defence, Royal Signals and Radar Establishment Ray was appointed lecturer in Microelectronics Systems Design at Brunel University where he developed his interests in signal processing, parallel computing and intelligent systems. Ray brings first hand experience of cochlear implants to Vickers Lab having received a hybrid, electric and acoustic stimulation (EAS) CI in 2005 shortly after taking early retirement from Brunel. Ray's keen interest in singing with a cappella choirs led him to develop signal generator software to investigate the perception of pitch in bimodal hearing and bilateral cochlear implants with the aim of improving the experience of music.  Ray continues to enjoy singing with a group who regularly visit cathedrals and sing services while the local choir is on holiday.

Ray's research involves investigating how pitch is perceived by bimodal and bilateral CI users and developing tools and procedures to optimise CI mapping.