UCL Ear Institute


Dr Josephine Marriage

Senior Lecturer Paediatric Audiology and Consultant Clinical Audiologist

Email: josephine@chears.co.uk

Josephine studied speech and language therapy at UCL prior to obtaining a masters qualification in audiology from Southampton University. She conducted her doctoral research into hyperacusis in Williams Syndrom under the supervision of Prof John Bamford at the University of Manchester.

More recently, Josephine spent eight years as a research associate with Prof Brian Moore's team at Cambridge University, working on research into new assessment techniques and digital hearing aid prescriptions for both adults and children, before taking up the opportunity to return to her UCL roots as a Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Audiology in 2008.

In addition to Josephine's extensive translational research career, she has also worked in clinical paediatric audiology departments for over 20 years and currently manages the pioneering children's hearing evaluation and amplification resource clinic, CHEAR.