UCL Ear Institute



Collaborators past and present who have worked in the Gale Lab.

Active members

Professor Jonathan Gale

Dr Lisa Nolan (Research Associate – joint project Dawson Lab)

Dr Claudia Goncalves (Research Associate - joint project Dawson Lab

Dr Hassan Zabalawi (Research Associate)

Dr Caroline Anderson (Academic Clinical Fellow)

Ms Stephanie Juniat (PhD Student)

Ms Simona Zingaro (PhD Student)

Ms Camilla Boschian (PhD Student)

Mr Jack Martin (PhD student – joint project Dawson Lab)

Dr Alyona Keder (Research Fellow in the Albert Lab)


Alumni and Associates

Dr Jonathan Bird (Assistant Professor, University of Florida)

Dr Manuela Lahne (Research Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame)

Dr Zoe Mann (King's Prize Research Fellow, Kings College London)

Dr Paromita Majumder (Post-doctoral Fellow, Institute of Ophthalmology)

Dr Elena Chrysostomou (Postdoc, John Hopkins, Baltimore, USA)

Dr Chrysostomos Tornari (MB PhD, ENT Registrar, St George’s, London)

Naila Haq (Research Assistant, Institute of Child Health, UCL)

Miriam Gomez PhD

Greg Ball PhD (Associate Patent Attorney, London)

Dorothy Kuipers PhD (Science Teacher, Highgate School, London)


Some of the above were originally MSc or MRes students but other great students that have been through the lab include Yuk Ming Wong, Mingyi Zhou (PhD in Sussex), Mark Sladen (Research Audiologist), Daniella Franchini (PhD in Bristol), Paulette Moore, Tanel Ozdemir (now at Albion Capital managing the UCL Technology Fund) and a long list of BSc project students that includes my first ever UCL student, Dr Tabish Saifee  (now Consultant Neurologist and Hon Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Neurology).