UCL Ear Institute


Emeritus Professors

Prof Andrew Forge

Prof Andrew Forge is Emeritus Professor of Auditory Cell Biology at the UCL Ear Institute. His main area of interest is looking at ways of regenerating auditory hair cells focusing particularly on their supporting cells.

Andy Forge…

Prof David Kemp

Emeritus Professor of Auditory Biophysics Prof David Kemp, discovered oto-acoustic emissions while working for UCL. Since then, he continues to be the utmost authority on the subject and pushes forward research in the area.

David Kemp…

Prof Alf Linney

Prof Alf Linney is an Emeritus Professor of Medical Physics at UCL and recognised as a pioneer in the development and application of computer methods and imaging technology to surgery.

Alf Linney…

Prof Valerie Lund CBE

Professor Lund is the first Professor of Rhinology in Great Britain (now emeritus). Her role as a clinician as well as an academic is reflected in her research interests; inflammation, infection and tumours of the nose and sinuses.

Valerie Lund…

Prof Linda Luxon

Prof Linda Luxon is Emeritus Professor of Audiological Medicine heading up the only academic AVM unit in the UK. Her research focuses on genetic hearing loss.

Linda Luxon…

Prof Deepak Prasher

Deepak Prasher is Emeritus Professor of Audiology and the current Editor-in-Chief of the Noise and Health Journal.

Deepak Prasher…

Prof Anthony Wright

Tony Wright is Emeritus Professor of Otolaryngology and Consultant ENT surgeon. Along side his many clinical duties, Prof Wright researches 3D reconstruction techniques of sectioned images.

Tony Wright…