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Prof. Jonathan Ashmore awarded Croonian Medal and Lecture

19 July 2016

The Ear Institute is delighted to announce that Professor Jonathan Ashmore has been awarded the Croonian Medal from the Royal Society. This is for his "significant contributions to the field of sensory neuroscience, shaping our current understanding of inner ear physiology, in particular for his analysis of the role of cochlear hair cells in normal hearing”

The prize lecture is the premiere lecture in biology sciences delivered annually at the Royal Society in London.

The Royal Society's website states that "The lectureship was conceived by William Croone FRS, one of the original Fellows of the Society. Among the papers left on his death in 1684 were plans to endow two lectureships, one at the Royal Society and the other at the Royal College of Physicians. His widow later bequeathed the means to carry out the scheme. The lecture series began in 1738"

Professor Ashmore joins a long list of previous winners including Joseph Lister, Hermann Helmholtz, Ramon y Cajal, Charles Sherrington, Paul Ehrlich, Gustaf Retzius, Ernest Henry Starling and William Maddock Bayliss, Henry Dale,  Thomas Hunt Morgan, Hans Spemann, Edgar Douglas Adrian, William Bateson (founded the discipline of Genetics), Francis Crick,
And more recently -  Tim Bliss, Alec Jeffreys, Aaron Klug, Salvador Moncada, John Krebs, Tim Hunt, Hugh Pelham, Nigel Unwin, Phil Cohen, John Vane, Sydney Brenner, Frederick Sanger, Andrew Huxley, Bernard Katz, Alan Hodgkin.

The full list of winners can be found here http://tinyurl.com/ztxodn8

Congratulations Jonathan!