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ARO 2020 Mid-Winter Meeting

20 January 2020

This year’s Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) Mid-Winter Meeting will once again be attended by several Ear Institute researchers.

ARO 2020 Mid Winter Meeting logo

The 43rd Annual meeting takes place in San Jose this year. If you are going be sure to say hello to one of our researchers!

Details of our presentations are listed below.


Mandavia, RishiPS 239: An Early Health Economic Model on Hearing Loss: the potential
added value of Novel Hearing Therapeutics                                                              
Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Audiology   1300
Mandavia, RishiPS 240: The PATH study: Preparing for the Adoption of novel Therapeutics
in Hearing loss.
Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Audiology   1300
Schilder, AnnSession Chair.Gene Therapeutic Approaches for Hearing Loss.1400
Schilder, AnnSymp 10: Developing Comprehensive Patient Databases to Prepare
for Gene Therapy Trials in Hearing Loss
Gene Therapeutic Approaches for Hearing Loss.1445


Bianco, RobertaPS 292: A Brain Network of Temporo-Frontal and Hippocampal Areas
Supports Pattern Detection in Rapid Sound Sequences                
Auditory Cortex - Human Studies I  1300
Gale, JonathanPS 400: Gene Expression and Regulation (Authors: Lisa S. Nolan; Jing Chen;
Ana Cláudia Gonçalves; Emily Towers; Naila Haq; Karen Steel; Jonathan Gale; Sally Dawson)
Gene Expression and Regulation1300
Zak, MagdalenaSession ChairDevelopment: Patterning0800 - 1000
Zak, MagdalenaPD 24: Wnt Signalling Regulates the Formation of Inner Ear Sensory Organs
by Antagonizing Prosensory Signals
Development: Patterning0945


Billig, Alex       PS 543:  Signatures of Regularity in Low- and High-Frequency Activity Recorded
from Human Primary and Non-Primary Auditory Cortex                                                
Auditory Cortex - Human Studies II1300
Linden, JenniferPD 55: Sound-Offset Sensitivity in Individuals with Speech-in-Noise Perception Difficulties
(Fatima Ali, Stuart Rosen, Doris E. Bamiou and Jennifer F. Linden)
Traditional Psychophysics and Sound Perception0800 - 1000
Milne, AlicePS 608: Pupil Response to Rapid Predictable Auditory SequencesComplex Sounds in Complex Environments1300


Dawson, Sally
(not presenting)

PS 924: Characterization & gene therapy of the hearing impairment for 2 clarin genes
variably affecting the auditory hair cells (
Aziz El-Amraoui; Lucy A DUNBAR; Pranav Patni;
Sedigheh Delmaghani; Carlos Aguilar; Sandrine VITRY;  Andrew Parker; Maureen WENTLING;
Sylvie Nouaille; Andrea Lelli; Christine Petit; Sally Dawson; Walter Marcotti; Steve Brown; Michael Bowl)

Hair Cells1300
Huang, GaryPS 1003: Neural Mechanisms underlying Speech Level Processing
in Hearing Loss
Plasticity after Hearing Loss or Restoration1300
Kharytaniuk, Natallia PD 117: Audiovestibular Dysfunction in Infratentorial (Classical)
Superficial Siderosis: Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study
Clinical Otolaryngology and Pathology1500