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ARO 2019 Mid-Winter Conference

24 January 2019

This year’s Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) mid winter conference will be attended by several Ear Institute researchers.

ARO 2019 Mid-Winter Conference

The 42nd annual conference takes place in Baltimore this year. If you are going, be sure to say hello to one of our researchers!

Details of our presentations are listed below.

'PS' = Poster Session 


Billig, AlexPS 148: Active Tracking of Sound Textures: a Human Intracranial Study                                                                   Human Auditory System: Electrophysiology     1300
Cousins, RickTalk: Medicines Discovery for Age Related Hearing Loss: Right Drug,
Right Dose, Right Time, Right Patient
Age-related hearing loss:
What we know and what we need
to know to develop treatments
Goncalves, ClaudiaPS 201: Investigating the role of Hsp70 during stress granule formation in cochlear cellsOtotoxicity I1300
Heard, Gregory     PS 156: TRPV4 Receptors as Multimodal Sensors of Inner Ear FluidsInner Ear: Membranes & Fluids1300
Prades, SilviaPS 53: Effects of Prolonged Purinergic Receptor Activation in Cochlear Glial CellsAuditory Nerve I1300
Smith, Katie                   PS 54: Enhanced Resolution Imaging of Excitable Microdomains in the Auditory
Nerve during Development
Auditory Nerve I1300


Ali, FatimaPS 492: Hearing the Ending: Psychophysical Measures of Sound-Offset Sensitivity        Psychophysical Characterization of
Normal & Impaired Ears                       
Bamiou, Doris-EvaPS 400: HoloBalance: Motivation and Monitoring of Vestibular Rehabilitation with
use of Holograms in Augmented Reality.
Clinical Vestibular Applications1300
Cousins, RickPS 467: In vivo evaluation of GSK3077978A compound, a CD38 inhibitor,
on age-related hearing loss in SAMP8 mice
Inner-Ear Therapeutics I1300
Marquardt, TorstenPS 497: Masking and Suppression of Infrasound Tones by Higher Frequency Tones

Psychophysical Characterization
of Normal & Impaired Ears



Daudet, NicholasPS 665: Inhibitor-of-Differentiation 4 (Id4): a Dominant-Negative Helix-Loop-Helix
Transcription Factor with Dose-Dependent Effects on Hair Cell Differentiation        
Development III                                 1300
Gale, JonathanPodium Talk: Injury Evoked Supporting Cell Activity in the Organ of CortiKolliker’s Organ: BigGERer Roles
for an Overlooked Organ
Sollini, JoePS 557: Processing of spectrotemporally complex sound patterns (speech) in an animal modelAuditory Cortex Anatomy & Physiology III1300
Wells, HelenaPS 699: A Genome Wide Association Study in the UK Biobank Cohort Identifies
a Large Number of Genome-wide Significant Loci Linked to Self-Reported
Adult Hearing Ability
Genomics & Gene Regulation1300
Zak, Magdalena    PS 661: Notch and Wnt Signalling Interactions in the Formation of    
Inner Ear Sensory Organs                               
Development III1300


Chen, Ziqi

Podium Talk PD 107: Cellular and Mollecular Mechanisms of Sensory Organ
Segregation in the Embryonic Inner Ear.

Development IV1430
Bury, Gabriela        PS 947: Pupillometry as an objective measure of listening effort and sustained
attention in young and ageing populations                                                               
Human Auditory System:
Imaging & Behavior
Sinclair, JimPS 868: Learning for Fun: Auditory Training in Mice using Wheel-Running
as a Reward   
Auditory Cortex: Plasticity                1300

13/02/19 (Session also chaired by Lucy Anderson 8 - 10am)

Anderson, Lucy     

PD 134: The Interplay Between the Effects of Noise Exposure and Aging on Neural
Adaptation in the Mouse Inferior Colliculus                                                            

Age-related changes in humans &
Landry, Evie (evidENT)Oral pres 550250: Accelerating Clinical Access and Implementation of Novel Hearing
Therapeutics by Early Health Economic Modelling
Clinical Otolaryngology and PathologyNot