UCL Ear Institute


Tribute to Ray Meddis

27 November 2018

Prof Meddis was a UCL alumnus, his work greatly influencing auditory research.

Image of Prof. Ray Meddis

We are deeply saddened to hear of the sudden death of Ray Meddis. Ray was a collaborator and friend of the Ear Institute.

He studied Psychology at UCL and went on to be Director of the Speech and Hearing Laboratory at the University of Loughborough before moving to the Psychology department at the University of Essex.  

Prof Meddis was one of the pioneers in the use of computer modelling in the auditory research field starting in the mid 1980s with a model synthesising experimental data about the the hair cell synapse. His models have had a considerable influence for hearing research and for understanding how basic research can inform audiological practice.

His later work focussed on the innovative use of smartphones as a sound amplifier through the creation of assisted listening apps.

A reference of his work is available in the SHAR book: 'Computational Models of the Auditory System'  (Eds R. Meddis et al,) Springer Handbook of Auditory Research Vol 35 2010  DOI 10.1007/978-1-4419-5934-8_1



Credit: BioAid