UCL Ear Institute


World Hearing Day

1 March 2018

World Hearing Day 2018 is dedicated to providing the public with information about the expected rise in prevalence of hearing loss in the coming years.

World hearing Day banner

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World Hearing Day stall
World Hearing Day takes place on Saturday 3rd March 2018. In celebration of this today (2nd March) we will be hosting a public engagement stall at London's Kings Cross station. Come down and talk to us!

We will highlight the potential risks of environmental noise, such as music listening or noise from your commute to work, to peoples long term hearing health.  We will also provide information on possible preventative measures and possible options for those with hearing loss. 

 Stall highlights will include:

  • Volume detecting mannequin - Pop your headphones on our mannequin head and it will give a readout of how loud your device is. Are you listening to music too loudly?
  • Learn about a new phone app which will allow for sound levels to be tracked on a phone.
  • Guess the hearing aids - guess the amount of hearing aids in a jar correctly and you could win a pair of noise cancelling headphones (kindly provided by Oticon).
  • Learn about preventative measures for hearing loss.
  • Learn about services available for those with a hearing loss.
  • Grab some free earplugs.

You can find us on the main concourse near the platform 9 3/4 sign. Look out for the Koala (costume - not a real one)!