UCL Ear Institute


Room Bookings

Please email ear.rooms@ucl.ac.uk to make a booking.

What to include

Please provide us with as much information as possible in your room booking query. This includes the timing, the size of your group and any special room/equipment requirement. 

To ensure that the query is dealt with efficiently, we ask that in the subject line of your email booking you use one of the the following prefixes:

  • "Teaching" - for any changes/additions to the taught course programme
  • "Conference/Event" - for large bookings >30 people. If external visitors are to be invited or lunch is required etc.
  • "General" for any standard booking request - group/lab meetings etc.


How to view the calendar yourself

The new system can be viewed via your Outlook client. You need to add the room calendars to your account to view them. The downloadable guide gives instruction on how to do this:

Opening the shared calendar (PDF)


List of rooms & resources

RoomCapacityFixed ScreenFixed Proj. PC 
Lecture Theatre70YYY
Meeting Room 24910YNN
Teaching Room 14915YNY