UCL Ear Institute


13 November 2014 Safety Committee Meeting

Thursday 13th November 2014


Sally Dawson (chair SD), Miriam Gomez (MG), Graham Neville (GN), Kate Faxen (KF), Steph Juniat (SJ), Andy Minnis (AM)

Apologies: Priya Singh (PS), Nico Daudet (ND), Adam Pyne (AP)


PREVIOUS MINUTES : Actions from last meeting


  • Keypad on Jonathan Ashmore’s door This has been replaced.
  • Fire alarm still not extended to first floor booth
  • irst Aiders – GN confirmed that Nick Jacobs will be going on First Aid training in January and the notice boards need to be updated once he has completed training. AM had stated that ideally the EI should have 3 or 4 first aiders on site.
  • hemical Waste collection: Batteries are being taken to Tesco or Post office to be disposed of, currently collections building in BP’s room and MG’s room.


  • KF to send email out to request for more volunteers for First Aiders
  • MG to send out email to EI about disposing of battery recycling
  • AP to liaise with estate to ensure alarm extended to booth


  • AP to examine other cabling in office as urgent building/safety issue and request estates inspect if necessary and to make checks within EI for faults every month


  • SD proposed that a PI from the 1st floor particularly one involved with animal procedures and new Institute Manager to be included in the Safety Committee meetings.


  • AP to undertaken monthly inspections – SD reiterated the need for monthly inspections. AP not completing monthly at present, see item Safety Office Update for further discussion. Building inspection should be a separate inspection to a regular safety inspection – suggested frequency about every 2/3 months
  • Recycling bins – Issues regarding recycle bins for other materials have been brought up and the need to be able to have the bins situated near the kitchen area. Factors for emptying out the recycle bins had also been brought up on whether or not the EI is charged for it.
  • Safety Minutes to be uploaded on to EI website


  • AP and GN to look into the disposal of the bins and confirm for next meeting.
  • KF to upload Safety minutes onto the EI website once SD sends it.



  • AUTOCLAVE - passed tests, now being paid for by Estates.
  • FLOOR -80 FREEZER ROOM - flooring has been replaced
  • Benches and stair area: MG and SJ raised the issue of the maintenance of the area. Concerns were raised over the cleanliness of the benches and stairwell, how when the area is littered it isn’t removed.


  • MG and SJ to liaise with AP to discuss whether it will be possible to speak with the cleaners to maintain the area.


  • Andy Minnis (AM) is the new Safety Advisor for UCL - GN had introduced AM to the committee
  • Nick Jacobs to undertake first aid training in January
  • FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT MADE – GN had informed the committee of the fire risk assessment that was recently made:
  • Any notes on Fire doors are to be removed
  • Fridge/freezer from the stairwell has also asked to be removed
  • Door wedges are not to be used for Fire doors
  • The incubator and the bikes are not to be stored in the corridor
  • A review of hazardous signage needed for labs. Andy Minnis advised on this and showed examples
  • Removal of open notice boards in stair D exit corridor ( Gothic door )
  • Removal of clutter especially in second floor lab, incubator in rear corridor
  • FIRE DRILL – We are currently low on Fire Marshalls at the moment. EI will need more Fire Marshalls on all floors. All staff now need to perform basic fire training on moodle – every 3 years for EI. Fire marshal training soon to be running as a moodle course. Potential new FMs to be informed when course available.
  • DEAF MESSAGE SERVICE – This is now active.
  • Change to animal mask face fit, now not to be done by UCL as a free service. PIs to arrange for themselves and associated staff/students
  • Need to order more PPE for second floor.
  • One accident to report – Zoe Mann – Finger cut on cryostat blade


  • GN to send out an email for volunteer Fire Marshalls
  • GN to speak with Joerg about the incubator
  • GN to speak liaise with Alex Green for bike sheds/storage
  • AP and GN to adapt UCL standard monthly checklist for EI purposes and start undertaking the checking
  • AP to arrange collection on bulky waste by estates.

GM OFFICER UPDATE- ND sent apologies and an email updating on risknet and GM risk assessments read out by SD

  • ND still not clear about whether the old risk assessments have been migrated to risknet, they are there but just seem to be just as titles not full documents, still needs clarifying


  • ND will contact again to get more information and clarification.
  • AM to check old communications for migration of risk assessments


  • Environment Agency visit tomorrow
  • Some usage of 32P recently

BUILDING SUPERVISOR AP sent apologies no update.



  • Faulty plugs and electrical – There had recently been a faulty plug/socket with Lisa Nolan’s computer. She had reported it to Neil Docherty, AP and GN. It wasn’t an IT problem but the socket flap situated under the desk was causing friction on the cable as the flap wasn’t able to close properly.

NEXT MEETING: To be held in May (approximately 6 months)

Circulation: Sally Dawson (chair SD), Nico Daudet (ND), Kate Faxen (KF), Miriam Gomez (MG), Steph Juniat (SJ), David McAlpine (DM), Graham Neville (GN), Adam Pyne (AP) and Priya Singh (PS)