UCL Ear Institute


Nishchay Mehta

BRC Associate Professor Deafness and Hearing Health

I am an Ears Nose and Throat (ENT) Consultant Surgeon with a sub specialty interest in Otology and Auditory Implants appointed at the Royal National ENT hospital within UCL Hospitals Trust. I hold a joint appointment as Associate Professor at the Ear Institute, funded for by the Deafness and Hearing Health Biomedical Research Centre.

My Wellcome Trust funded PhD at UCL was in health informatics and clinical decision making. Currently, my research interests include (with funding body or collaborators):

  • Artificial Intelligence in the diagnosis of hearing loss phenotypes (Wellcome Trust)
  • Developing a National Health Informatics Collaborative for hearing health (NIHR BRC)
  • Remotely assessing and developing early biomarkers for ototoxicity in cancer patients (Action on Hearing Loss)
  • Role of novel measurement techniques in those with hearing loss (UCL BRC)
  • Role intra-operative monitoring technology in auditory implantation (Advanced Bionics and Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre)
  • Developing core outcome sets for ear related conditions (INTEGRATE)
  • Developing on-line hearing health screening and interventions (NIHR PDG)
  • Developing tele-otology services (TympaHealth)
  • Assessing the predictors and treatment of sudden onset sensorineural hearing loss (Sensorion)