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evidENT Research

NIHR portfolio studies at the RNTNEH 

Open to recruitment
  • MACRO - Defining best management for adults with chronic rhinosinusitis; the MACRO programme
  • An Analysis of the Pedigrees and Genetic Profile of patients and families of patients with Cholesteatoma
  • Evaluating the Feasibility of Acapella® Choice as a Dysphonia Treatment
  • Tinnitus - related problems in children 
  • Human Olfactory Ensheathing Cells
  • TACT - Treating Auditory impairment and CogniTion: A randomised, single-blind, parallel, pilot trial in older adults with mild cognitive impairment and hearing loss of an intervention to provide and support hearing aid use vs a healthy ageing intervention for dementia risk.
In set up
  • Acute Vertigo - Acute Vertigo in the Emergency Department
  • Sound Storm AT - The Sound Storm auditory training programme for children with an auditory processing disorder: Efficacy and mechanism feasibility study
  • AViSS - Audiovestibular function in infratentorial superficial siderosis
  • Ultrax2020 - Ultrasound Technology for Optimising the Treatment of Speech Disorders
Closed to recruitment

 Non-portfolio studies at the RNTNEH

Open to recruitment
  • Randomised clinical study of cochlear implant insertion technique 
  • Creating a finite element model of the SCC for BPPV diagnosis
  • Resolving ENT
  • Aspects of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) in Children