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Wellbeing at the Ear Institute

Healthy people make for happier and more productive departments and at the Ear Institute we are committed to staff wellbeing in line with UCL’s five year Wellbeing strategy.

Wellbeing Champion

The Ear Institute's Wellbeing Champion is Alice Milne

Alice Milne

Mental Health First Aider 

The Ear Institute's Mental Health First aider is Sakina Naibkhail.


Wellbeing during the Coronavirus lockdown

The Ear Institute is commited to supporting it's staff through these difficult times. If you are struggling please get in contact with Alice Milne your Wellbeing Champion or Sakina Naibkhail (Mental Health First Aider) or speak to your line manager.

Wellbeing Teams group

Wellbeing Newsletter

The Wellbeing team are publishing a fortnightly newletter (with update newsletters on the weeks between). The newsletters provide a catch up of tips to remain healthy, an insight into what staff have been doing at home and cultural reviews.

How you can get involved:

Send your emails to a.milne@ucl.ac.uk or post in the Teams site.

  1. 1) Photos: Please send over photos to share what you’ve been up to. Maybe it’s a river walk, your tortoise getting up to mischief or just the cover of a good book you are reading.  
  2. 2) Achievement of your week: Please share your successes, work or otherwise – did you have a paper accepted, finally finish that jigsaw or just get both children to not interrupt you for a whole hour. These can be serious or tongue in cheek 12 
  3. 3) Failure of the week: It can be cathartic to share failures (in the words of Elizabeth Day “learning how to fail helps us succeed better”), feel free to send them over. 
  4. 4) Live events: Lots of live events are happening on twitter, Instagram and more -  please let me know and I can put them on the week’s ‘live event diary’ 
  5. 5) Submit your quiz team (see below) – for an EI quiz leadership board
  6. 6) Send over any good resources – send over any good resources you come across. I don’t want to overwhelm people so may not include them immediately but will do my best to incorporate them over the coming weeks. 

Newsletter archive is available via:

The Positive app

UCL and Positive have worked together to design an app to support student wellbeing and help look after mental health.

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