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Brain Signatures study

Brain Signatures of Auditory Information Processing study

We are currently recruiting for our Brain Signatures of Auditory Information Processing study. Many people living with dementia have difficulty understanding or responding to speech and other complex sounds in daily life, and this can be a major source of distress and disability. Here, we investigate the ways in which the brain processes complex sounds (such as speech, music and environmental noises) and other information from the senses, and how it changes in different dementia diseases. 

People living with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia, or primary progressive aphasia. Information from cognitively-well study partners is very important to the study as well. We are also recruiting cognitively-healthy volunteers (>50 years old).

What is involved?
Participation in this study is completely voluntary. This study involves a two or three-day (preferably consecutive or in the same week) in-person visit to the Dementia Research Centre (8-11 Queen Square, London). Participants will be asked to take part in a number of different activities: (1) psychology tasks, (2) hearing tasks, and (3) brain MRI scan. Additionally, participants may be asked to complete (4) music tasks, (5) eye-tracking, and/or (6) EEG recording. 

We kindly ask participants to also be available for an online (via Zoom) questionnaire session (~1 hour).