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ICARUS Research Seminars

A regular informal seminar is held for academic staff, research associates, doctoral research students and others interested in the research discipline of archives and records management. We talk about a range of issues, including progress on current research projects, plans for future research, research methodologies, literature reviews, plans for research meetings and conferences. Seminars are generally held in Foster Court G31.

If you are interested in attending please contact Elizabeth Shepherd e.shepherd@ucl.ac.uk.

Details of forthcoming seminars for 2018:

Term 2:

New date and time: Weds 21st March 16.00-17.30: 

Elizabeth Lomas, ‘Engaging with Change: Information and Communication Technology Professionals’ Perspectives on Change in the Context of the ‘Brexit’ Vote - a longitudinal study’

Previous seminars


Weds 7th February 16.30-18.00: Hannah Ishmael, ‘The Development of Black-led archives in London’. 

This talk will trace the political and intellectual tradition that has shaped the development and collections of three Black-led archives in London: The Black Cultural Archives, the George Padmore Institute and the Huntley Collection at London Metropolitan Archives. Drawing on the twin themes of reparation and transformation I will look at the ways in which these archives have drawn on the Pan-African movement to provide the basis for their vision of transformation. The main aspect that I will touch on is the collection of ephemera that builds affective relationships within communities and creates new forms of expressions to ‘re-story’ the past and create new narratives. This political collecting, informed by the traditions of Pan-Africanism underscore the Black-led archives’ vision for radical, much needed change within the education and heritage sectors.

Weds 21st February 16.30-18.00: Hannah Smyth, 'Digital archives and articulating identity in the Irish Decade of Centenaries'

Hannah Smyth will talk about digital archives and articulating identity with regards to the ‘Decade of Centenaries’ project (2012-2023) in Ireland. This talk will outline the historical and political context to the current decade of commemorations in Ireland that have shaped the centenaries discourse. This will touch on the politics of memory and commemoration of the first world war, the 1916 Rising, and the civil war since partition, and the public history turn in recent years. Many digitization and digital cultural heritage projects have emerged during this decade of commemorations accompanied by heightened engagement with the history and heritage of the period in the civic sphere. Drawing on critical heritage studies this talk will outline how the research intends to investigate the digital presence of the centenaries, and the ways in which the cultural heritage narratives that these emergent digital resources present are constructed, communicated and experienced. 

Cancelled Weds 24th January 2018 16.30-18.00: Jenny Bunn, ‘Shaping practice: A history of the automation of archival description in the United Kingdom’

Term 1:

Weds 6th December 2017: Charlie Inskip and Sophia Donaldson, 'Transitioning information literacy from higher education to the insurance workplace'

This presentation will introduce the On The Move project, which explores language use around information practices in the insurance industry. We will demonstrate a prototype tool which is designed to enhance student employability by providing example statements from a spectrum of information use. (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/dis/research/collaborativeprojects/on-the-move)


21st November: Maryanne Dever, Kate Sweetapple,  Jacquie Lorber-Kasunic, University of Technology Sydney, will present'SURFACING THE PAGE'

This session contains three short integrated presentations that take up the theme of ‘surfacing the page’.  We talk of ‘surfacing’ here in not a literal sense of the flat surfaces of a page, but in the sense in which this terminology is currently used by those interested in rethinking the nature of the empirical, something which necessarily lies at the heart of all inquiry or research. This issue takes on particular relevance at a point when digital technologies and the resulting expansion of cultural data have changed forever what we might think of as our tools and methods for producing new knowledge in archival fields. In this sense, ‘surfacing the page’ refers to the page as a productively redefined space of inquiry. We locate these discussions in relation to our current work on a prototype critical digitization project looking at the draft manuscript page. We are working with a set of manuscripts for an autobiographical memoir, Don’t Take Your Love to Town (1988), by Ruby Langford Ginibi, an Australian Indigenous writer, that are held in the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales. In our presentations we pose questions about graphic materiality and the role of the visual as integral to relationship between the archived page and its interpretation. We then consider what speculative artefacts produced by visually manipulating images of existing archival documents can reveal about the affordances of the page in digital environments.25th February 2016
Clare Cowling, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies will talk about The Legal Records at Risk Project.

19th January 2016
Graham Foster, Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Studies: Academics in the Archive: the English Literary Heritage Project, Curation, Innovation and Outreach.

2nd December 2015 - Joint Seminar with UCLIC
Jo Pugh, University of York: Here be dragons: information seeking in digital heritage collections

28th October 2015
Dr Astrid von Rosen, University of Gothenburg: Digging Where You Stand – Dancing Where We Dig: Devising Critical Archival and Activist Methodologies

13th May 2015 - Joint Seminar with UCLIC.
Jenny Bunn: Building an Interdisciplinary View of Personal Digital Archiving

29th April 2015
Elizabeth Lomas: ARaDD: Arts Research and Development Defined

25th March 2015
Joanne Evans, Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University
Connecting the Disconnected: Introducing a research program for co-designing socially inclusive archival and recordkeeping networks

11th February 2015
Etienne Joseph: Lost in Translation?: Advocacy, Archives and Interdisciplinary Research

14th January 2015
Filippo de Vivo and Alessandro Silvestri: A comparative history of archives in late medieval and early modern Italy

4th December 2014
James Lowry: An Information Economics Approach to Analysing Government Openness

12th November 2014
Elizabeth Shepherd: The Role of Records Management in an Open Government Data Environment, including updates on InterPares Trust, the Administrative Data Research Centre England and the ICA Conference in Girona

7th October 2014
Jenny Bunn: Personal and Corporate Recordkeeping: Beyond Binary Oppositions or What I am doing on my sabbatical

13th May 2014
James Lappin: Routines and recordkeeping before and after the Digital Revolution

12th March 2014
Maryanne Dever: The archived page or why I want to think about paper

25th November 2013
Geoffrey Yeo: Archival Description in the Age of Digital Abundance

16th October 2013
General catch up on news and developments

16th May 2013
Laura Millar: Do Archives Still Need Archives?

6 March 2013
Jenny Bunn and Alexandra Eveleigh: Developing Descriptive Interoperability and the Descriptive Standards Roundtable

20 February 2013
Camille Anciaux: Moving the French National Archives

14 November 2012
Joyce Ray: Digital Curation Education for Cultural Heritage Organizations (Especially Museums)

8 October 2012
Anthea Seles: Open Government and Records
Welcome to new doctoral students

30 May 2012
Andrew Flinn: Archives and Activism

14 March 2012
Melissa Adams: Archives and Aboriginal Perspectives: Is there Room for Incorporation?
Alicia Ramirez Gonzlez: Content Analysis

9 February 2012
Discussion of proposed changes to the MA programmes in Archives and Records Management and Records and Archives Management (International).

24 November 2011
Ellen Fleurbaay, Amsterdam City Archives
'Many Hands Make Light Work': Archival Crowdsourcing Dutch Style!

2 November 2011
Kate Theimer: Participatory Archives

12 October 2011
New research students and reports on activity over the summer

Ross Harvey, GSLIS, Simmons College, Boston, USA
'Is digital preservation practice really so very different from "analogue" preservation?'

7 June 2011
Jenny Bunn will speak about:
Reflections on ACA Toronto 2011,
and another time she will reflect on the viva process.

Tuesday 8 March, 16.00-17.30
Marie Laperdrix, Institut national du Patrimoine, Paris
Digital recordkeeping and auditing systems: a new era for archives in France.
Presentation slides

19 January 2011
Anthea Seles: 'Research trip to Burundi: records management in the EAC'
[Presentation slides]

17 November 2010
Elaine Penn: 'An axiological approach to archives and archival appraisal'

28 October 2010
Alexandra Eveleigh: 'Participatory approaches to digitisation'

6 October 2010
new research students and round table on research projects and ideas

14 July 2010
Andrew Flinn/ Elizabeth Shepherd: Reflections on ICHORA / FARMER / ICA SAE conferences and meetings and new directions in international research

2 June 2010
Alexandra Eveleigh: 'Implications of User Participation for Archival Theory and Practice: starting points for research'

12 May 2010
Elaine Penn: 'Archival value: can we define and measure it?'

3 March 2010
Doctoral student discussion and ideas exchange

15 December 2009
Geoffrey Yeo: 'Nothing is the same as something else'

5 November 2009
Ben Alexander (Queens College, City University of New York): 'Palimpsests'

20 May 2009
Helen Forde: 'What is a national archive?'

5 March 2009
Eric Ketelaar (University of Amsterdam): 'An “inventory” of research interests in archives and records management in the UK, Australia and North America'
[PowerPoint presentation]

28 January 2009
Mary Stevens: 'Review of an article'

18 December 2008
Alice Stevenson: 'Coding'

12 November 2008
Jenny Bunn: 'Grounded theory for archival science'