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UCLDH online SWECARCOL. Swedish Caribbean Colonialism 1784–1878: Caribbean Digital History

21 April 2022, 5:00 pm–6:30 pm

Dr Ale Pålsson (Uppsala)

Technology is global, but where we live affects how we apply digital solutions to humanities work. We all have what Roopika Risam described as a digital humanities (DH) “accent”. This seminar series explores those accents by looking at DH research here, and there, and over there too. This is a chance to build greater global awareness and empathy about regional and local approaches to digital humanities in the twenty-first century.

This event is free.

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Dr Adam Crymble

This seminar series is co-hosted by scholars living in three countries, nine time zones apart. Building upon our successful “Digital Humanities Longview” series (2021), this is a further bridging of trans-Atlantic digital humanities centres to promote a global conversation. We are committed to fostering rich international discussions from a diverse range of perspectives, with an emphasis on reflective practice.

Co-hosted by UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, the Centre for Digital Humanities, Uppsala, & the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis, Stanford.

About the Speaker

Dr Ale Pålsson

Researcher in the Department of History at Uppsala University

Ale graduated in 2016 with his doctoral thesis Our Side of the Water: Political Culture in the Swedish colony of St Barthélemy 1800-1825, where he explored notions of citizenship and political participation within the naturalized population of St Barthélemy. He is currently working as a post-doc to make the St Barthélemy archives publically available. Other interests include postcolonial theory, Caribbean and global history, intersectionality and the political and social history of the 19th century.

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