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Prof. Kearsy Cormier

Kearsy Cormier

I am Director of DCAL, and also Professor of Sign Language Linguistics in the UCL Linguistics research department. I have been at DCAL since it began in 2006. Before that, I earned my PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 2002 and from 2002 to 2005 was a Lecturer at the Centre for Deaf Studies at the University of Bristol.

My research focuses on the linguistic structure of sign languages, especially British Sign Language (BSL) and in visual aspects of language more generally. My work has focused on how various characteristics such as classifiers, constructed action/role shift, pointing and fingerspelling become grammaticised and nativised in sign languages. I am also leading on work on sign language documentation, and variation and change, at the levels of phonology, lexicon, morphosyntax, and grammar, particularly using the BSL Corpus and BSL SignBank, and on sign language technologies that make use of these resources.

I teach the module PLIN0036 "The Linguistics of Sign Languages". I also contribute to teaching the module PALS0020 "Deafness, Cognition and Language", PLIN0006 "Introduction to Language," and a range of other modules in the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences.

For more details about my work please visit my website.

Direct contact: 020 76798674

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