UCL Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre


Daniel Diaz


In 2003 I joined the research team at the Cognitive Psychology department in the University of La Laguna, Tenerife. Unexpectedly, I started a journey of enrichment and personal development together with my team members. I learned a lot about the challenges they were facing and met a lot of brilliant scientists. My journey led me to top Research Centres in Europe and USA. These people enlightened my days and helped me to improve my skills. Each researcher asked me for new demanding tasks and I joined them in their exciting path of discovery.

As a network administrator, local IT manager, lab technician, and help-desk at DCAL, I'm helping the team to keep up the brilliant work. We share a vision, a common goal, and I'm proud of my contribution in finding new ways of improving the deaf community well-being and the research about sign languages and how the human brain works.

My duties at UCL DCAL Research Centre expanded to Health and Safety duties and Data Management, both in liaison with other core staff members across the Division and the University.

Direct contact: 020 7679 8684 (or Ext. 28684)

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