Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre


Dr. Paulina Ajavon


Dr Ajavon works with DCAL Director, Professor Bencie Woll to develop research projects in West Africa

Special Needs Educator/Research Fellow/Katholishe Akademishen Auslander Dienst scholar, with over 15 years experience of teaching, lecturing and researching in both Africa and Europe. Also trustee and co-ordinator of the Special Needs Education and Welfare Foundation.

Educational Background

I hold a Bachelor's degree and a Masters in Special Educational Needs from the University of Jos, Nigeria, and a PhD from the University of Hamburg.

Research Work

I see international research collaboration as a means of strengthening globalisation of Education. I have successfully forged international research collaborations between researchers in Europe and Africa and I hope to expand on this. My major research interest is in Indigenous Nigerian Signs, and I have published the first dictionary of Nigerian signs.


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Contact: adaajavon@gmail.com