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Volunteer to take part in our research studies or volunteer to help with our research projects as work experience or as an unpaid volunteer.

Research participation

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DCAL is always keen for people to volunteer to take part in our research. Most of our projects will require participants who are Deaf and who use British Sign Language (BSL). All information about consent, data protection, privacy information and questions will be provided in English and in BSL. If you have further questions please email us at dcal@ucl.ac.uk.

Why do we have a participant database? 

In the past, different DCAL researchers contacted the same people inviting them to be involved in their projects.  Information wasn't shared. This means that sometimes the same tests and questions were given to the same people and this was time consuming for everyone. 

So, now we are asking people to join the DCAL database which holds limited information about individuals. All information is confidential. This makes is easier for DCAL researchers to contact people who are suitable for their studies. It also means that you only have to answer questions about yourself once, and not every time you are involved in a DCAL project. 

We can contact you and tell you about a study.  If you are interested you can agree to take part, if not you can say 'no' or 'not at the moment'. This stops you being contacted too many times. We can also use the database to feedback results to people who are involved in our research more efficiently.

This database is only accessed by researchers at DCAL and all information is kept confidential.   

Our research would not be possible without your participation, so thank you for your time.

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Volunteering opportunities


Want to know more?

If you are interested in helping with our research projects as work experience or as an unpaid volunteer, please contact us! Find our full contact information on our main webpage or email us using the link below.

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What does volunteering involve?

As a volunteer, you can learn firsthand what is involved in conducting research in the areas of linguistics, psycholinguistics and language development in the context of deafness and sign language. You will gain valuable experience for a future or current research degree in these or related areas.

Volunteer criteria:

  • Knowledge of British Sign Language (BSL)
  • Degree (or studying/planning to study) in linguistics, psychology or related areas

Deaf applicants are particularly welcome

The placement may be full-time (minimum 2 weeks) or part-time (minimum 3 months), and hours are flexible.

You must be 18 or older to apply.


Volunteering for international, non-EU applicants

Please note that due to changes in the UK home office restrictions, non-EU volunteers can only come to DCAL if they are a student at a University and only if they receive funding (we cannot accept self-funded students) or if they are working as an academic at a University or similar institution. Please can you ensure that you meet these criteria before filling out an application.


To apply, fill in the DCAL Volunteer Application Form and return either by email or post. Please find our up-to-date contact information on our main webpage.