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Get involved in DCAL's research!

26 February 2012

Inspired by DCAL's work? Would you like to get involved in our research projects into sign linguistics, psychology and neuroscience, and help in a practical way?

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Then sign up for DCAL's volunteer database. When a project comes up that matches your experience we will contact you to invite to come along and be involved. 

Volunteering your time occasionally is a great way to help DCAL achieve successful outcomes with its projects that aim to improve life for d/Deaf people. Volunteers say they like contributing to this important work and enjoy the challenge of the tasks as well as the social interaction with the DCAL team and other volunteers. We like to think that all of our projects are interesting - sometimes they can be lots of fun too! 

Check out our report about DCAL's recent visit to the England Deaf Darby and Joan club.

You can join the volunteer database by visiting our research participant page.

A DCAL researcher will contact you if a project comes up where you could get involved, but there's no obligation to say yes if it doesn't suit you. Other opportunities are likely to come up again in the future. DCAL adheres to a strict code of conduct and ethics in its work, and of course this includes all research participants too. All data and personal information is treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988.
DCAL would be glad to hear from the wider deaf population as well as from the Deaf Community, and as DCAL researchers travel all over the country to carry out data collection we welcome volunteers from everywhere.