UCL Day Nursery


UCL Day Nursery Outings Policy

This policy outlines the procedures for Nursery staff when taking a child off the premises.

Note to parents and carers

All parents or main carers of children who attend the UCL Day Nursery will be required to complete a form at registration giving nursery staff consent to take their children off nursery premises either for exercise or an excursion approved by the Nursery Manager. 

If a form has not been completed the child will not participate in trips. For excursions requiring the use of public transport, additional permission will be sought by staff. 

Spontaneous or short outings

  • Request permission to take children on a short trip from Nursery Manager or, in her absence, the Deputy Manager. 
  • Ensure that, if there are to be children remaining at the nursery, sufficient staff also remain there to care for them. 
  • Adult to child ratios apply 1:2 when off the premises; each member of staff will therefore be responsible for up to two named children. 
  • Staff are not allowed to take a child out alone.  There must be a minimum of two adults.
  • Staff should enter the following details in the outings book: The location and duration of the outing, means of transport if any and the names of children for whom each member of staff is responsible. 
  • Ensure the Nursery Manager or Deputy Manager is informed of the duration of the trip. A badge should be pinned to each child's clothes indicating (1) the name and address of the Nursery and (2) the name and telephone number of an emergency contact. 
  • When ready to leave staff should ensure that they are carrying their mobile telephone, inform the Nursery Manager or Deputy Manager and sign themselves and children out of the Nursery. 
  • On returning staff should inform the Nursery Manager or Deputy Manager and sign themselves and children back into the Nursery. On occasions throughout the year the Nursery may organise excursions involving the entire nursery or a larger group of children. In such cases the procedure may vary as below. 

Organised trips requiring transport

When planning for a trip, the transport used should be a bus or coach used only for private hire. The Nursery Manager should ensure that the company used (1) is reputable, licensed and recommended to the Nursery, and (2) has experience of day trips involving small children and has the appropriate seat belts.

Last updated: Thursday, June 28, 2018