UCL Day Nursery


UCL Day Nursery Team

The UCL Day Nursery employs a total of 21 full time members of staff across both sites.

Management team 

Day Nursery Operations Manager

Catherine Burtenshaw
020 7679 7461

Deputy Manager 

Baby Unit Site Manager

Zehra Bukowski

020 7911 5353      z.bukowski@ucl.ac.uk

Deouty Manager

Pre-school Site Manager

Thushi Ragulan

Deputy Manager / Pre school site Manager
020 7679 7461

With the exception of the nursery assistants and the cook, every member of staff is at least NVQ Level 3 qualified (or equivalent).

Early Years Practitioners

All Early Years Practitioners are at least NVQ Level 3 qualified (or equivalent).

  • Soraia Lopes                      Early Years Practitioner     Acting Senior
  • Louise Johnson                  Early Years Practitioner     Acting Deputy Manager/Senco 
  • Emese Matay                     Early Years Practitioner     Acting Senior
  • Alex Price                           Early Years Practitioner     Acting Senior
  • Jackie Ramadan                Early Years Practitioner
  • Semma Ramadan              Early Years Practitioner    Senior  (Maternity Leave)
  • Lara Tyrrell                         Early Years Practitioner    Senior (Maternity Leave)
  • Lorena Vicente                   Early Years Practitioner   
  • Carly Cashman                  Early Years Practitioner
  • Emma Rhymer                   Early Years Practitioner    Acting Senior
  • Pelin Dogan                       Early Years Practitioner
  • Karen Doyle                       Early Years Practitioner
  • Sinthu Ranjan                    Early Years Practitioner
  • Momta Nessa                     Early Years Practitioner   SEN Support Worker
  • Lorena Vicente                   Early Years Practitioner   
  • Ryan Connor                      Early Years Practitioner   
  • Sophia Sigourtzidou          Early Years Practitioner
  • Samadul Haque                 Early Years Practitioner   SEN Support Worker
  • Shully Miah                        Early Years Practitioner
  • Carl Hyman                       Early Years Practitioner

Bank Staff

The following staff are all trained to a level three and are used as bank staff during staff shortages and absences

Marie Kamara, Vivia Johnson and Mehenaz Hussain

Kitchen Chef

  • Rafal Buhin

Kitchen Assistant

  • Jane Baldwin - McMahon