UCL Day Nursery


Food and Nutrition

We provide a selection of nutritious food and and help the children to develop healthy eating habits along with good table manners.


Lunchtimes are a social, relaxed and unhurried time and the children are encouraged to actively participate at all meal times by helping to lay the table for their meal and serving themselves. In this way we foster the children's independence by allowing them to choose their own food and portion size. 

The UCL Day Nursery employs a full-time qualified chef and menus are displayed on the parents’ noticeboard. We provide a nutritious and well balanced diet and always offer a vegetarian alternative and halal meat on request.

A hot lunch is served at around 11.30am and the children have tea between 3.30 and 4.00pm. Fresh fruit is provided at both lunch and tea time and water is available throughout the day. 

Baby unit meals

Both lunch and tea is only optional in the baby unit and parents may choose for their baby to have either or both meals. Alternatively, parents may provide their own food but it must be suitable for re-heating and contained in a clearly labelled microwaveable container or lunchbox. We ask that all babies are fully weaned on to a large selection of food on our menu before they are offered Nursery meals.

Meal charges

Meal charges are paid as part of the overall monthly fees and cannot be changed to reflect your child’s actual attendance in a month. If you wish to change the meal arrangements for your child, please speak to the Nursery manager. 


Mothers are welcome to continue breastfeeding their babies in the Nursery by prior agreement with their key worker.