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Data Intensive Science encompasses a wide range of areas in the field of 'big-data', including the collection, storage and analysis of large datasets, as well as the use of complex models, algorithms and machine learning techniques to interpret the data.

The CDT's vision is to provide a unique studentship experience that will produce highly trained and employable PhD graduates with advanced and widely applicable skills in DIS, who will ultimately become the future leaders of this field in both academia and industry. In addition, by bringing together DIS experts from a range of sectors and fields, it will promote the development of new DIS techniques or the application of existing techniques to new areas, which will have a wide and significant impact on all sectors. 

Applications deadlines:

Applications for the September 2025 intake will open in late October, and the deadline to receive applications is likely to be in January 2025 (early January for international students and late January for home students). 

For an overview of the DIS CDT, we organised an Open Day at UCL on Wednesday, 29th November 2023. You can access a recording of the session, which provides valuable information about the program, via this link: Open Day Recording.

 Please get in touch with us for further details at dis-cdt-phd-admissions@live.ucl.ac.uk.

Why Study with us?

Why Study with us?

Ready for a high-flying career in academia or industry, whatever you decide suits you best at the end of your PhD studies.

Available PhD Projects

Available PhD Projects

We have been at the forefront of DIS research for several decades and provide the ideal training ground for DIS.


Scientific and Data Intensive Computing

MSc in Scientific and Data Intensive Computing

Bringing together best practices in computing with cutting edge science and fills in the computing gap in traditional science, engineering and mathematics programs. 

Applications for September 2024 intake is now open

How you will learn

How you will learn

A specially designed with the aid of our partner organisations, providing a strong theoretical and practical grounding

Supervising student's FAQ

Supervising students FAQ

How the Data Intensive Science CDT differs from a traditional PhD and what our students can expect

Nisha Lad

Research Projects

Current students already work on projects in many of the world’s leading HEP experiments...

The UCL Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Data Intensive Science (DIS) is STFC's first-ever supported CDT. The Centre was established in 2017 and carries out research primarily in STFC's flagship DIS projects in Particle Physics and Astronomy, which have been at the forefront of DIS research for several decades and provide the ideal training ground for DIS for PhD students in this space.