Don’t worry if you feel lost or change direction, you’re amongst friends at UCL and we can help you stay on track. The UCL Engagement Team is learning as it goes itself. We take time to stop, reflect and adjust our course when we need to. We can help you do the same.

What can we help with?

  • Undertake and commission evaluations to inform activities, projects, programmes. 
  • Support and mobilise others to evaluate. 
  • Capture and share learning.
  • Work with others to implement learning to wider practice and polices.

What can you do now?

Check out the below links to various resources that may help your evaluation work - or get in touch with us at publicengagement@ucl.ac.uk to speak to a member of the team.

  • Free online 'at your own pace' training about evaluation (note you will need to sign up for a UCL eXtend account before this link will work)
  • Tools and resourcesfor those who want to evaluate a project, but dont know where to start, or need unspiration for new methods.
  • Training: Evaluation is a core part our approach to public engagement and we include it in all our training courses. 
  • Case Studies: our case studies of project include examples of evaluation methods and showcase methods are sharing learning.
  • Advice and Support: The evaluation team can offer bespoke advice and support for staff and student undertaking public engagement work who need help with evaluation. Please get in touch if you would like this help.

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