Public Engagement Case Studies
Our commitment to evaluation helps us celebrate and share best practise across UCL and beyond.

Explore case studies from past Public Engagement projects:

Talking liver cancer in Sierra Leone

A public engagement project about liver cancer that took an interesting turn in response to unexpected circumstances.


Themes: Brokering networks, Learn to listen

Co-production: Action Youth Boxing Intervention

Using expertise of many kinds to support students who are experiencing challenges.


Themes: Co-production; Young people; Develop a dialogue; Embed a change

Student engagers

Developing researchers' engagement skills, and creating more dialogue around university collections, though engagement in museums.

2013 - 2019

Themes: Museums; Researcher development; Start a conversation

World Stroke Day 2018

UCL World Stroke Day forum brought together over 100 stroke survivors and their carers with six UCL research and clinical groups and four charity partners.

Themes: Collaborative conference; Develop a dialogue

Open Doors Vote 100

A collaboration between members of the East Bank partnership to bring together local residents and the institutions moving into east London.

Themes: Workshop; Start a conversation

Bright Club

A comedy night where the comedians are academics and the audience is enthralled.

Themes: Comedy night; Find your voice

Bright Club Persona: a student's experience

In this "persona" case study, we explore a student's experience of the project.

Themes: Comedy night; Find your voice

Jeevan Shakti Mela - Festival for Lifeforce

A Mela (fair) involving participatory research, traditional
art, interactive games, and drama in rural plains Nepal, exploring Type Two Diabetes.

Themes: Festival; Participation; Start a conversation


We are here! Black Feminist Exploration

A retreat for black women academics and non-academics from the UK to collaboratively explore Black British feminism.


Themes: Workshop, Start a conversation


Art and War: Responses to Iraq

Three workshops and an exhibition were organised in February-March 2013 to work with communities in London to explore art produced in response to the Iraq invasion. 


Themes: Exhibition, Develop a dialogue


Global Stories in Domestic Spaces

A project with the community local to Osterley Park, London, to create a series of videos, photographs and oral histories that would link the Park’s history to life in contemporary Britain.


Themes: Exhibition, Develop a dialogue

Cafe Culture

A series of evening events where academics from the School of European Languages, Culture and Society gave short, fun talks on their research to public audiences.


Themes: Find your voice, Talk

Faith and Suburbia

Senior citizens from six different places of worship in West London were involved in a participatory photographic project resulting in an exhibition shown at UCL and at the Gunnersbury Park Museum.


Themes: Photography, Start a conversation

Makes Sense

Stall at Green Man Festival on ‪’neurodiversity’ demonstrated by highlighting differences in how we all experience the world around us through our senses. ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬


Themes: Festival, Find your voice


Beatboxing After Laryngectomy

Clinicians, patients and young people were brought together to explore the role of beatboxing in voice rehabilitation and raise awareness of the difficulties facing those without voice boxes.


Themes: Workshop, Develop a Dialogue


An innovative model of engagement in a museum environment, using iPads in UCL Museums to enable co-curation of objects.


Themes: Digital, Start a Conversation

Food Junctions

Part of the Reveal Festival, involv a range of people including UCL staff and students, members of the local community, creative organisations, local businesses and food enthusiasts. 


Themes: Event, Find Your Voice

Engaging with mental health research in very late life

Discussion groups in day centres with older people, to discuss the topics of wellbeing in later life and what facilitates or hinders this.


Themes: Workshops, Learn to Listen

Oral Health and Performance in Sport

A symposium including engagement in its design, and building on previous learning. An example of how engagement can increase the impact of health research.


Themes: Symposium, Learn to Listen

The Bloomsbury Festival 2013

This was the first time a cohesive public engagement programme has been co-ordinated by the UCL Public Engagement Unit (PEU) within the Bloomsbury Festival.


Themes: Festival, Find Your Voice

Birdshot Day

The Birdshot Day was set up to bring together people with Birdshot Chorioretinopathy, their friends and family members, and healthcare professionals with an interest in this area.


Themes: Patient Day, Develop a Dialogue

UCL CODE workshops

Workshops in Stratford Library on the subject of coding, giving the young people a chance to learn from, meet, and question leading researchers and practitioners in the field.


Themes: Workshop, Find Your Voice

Eating for Eye Health

Sessions bringing together patients with macular degenerationand restaurants in East London in research on nutrition and eye health.


Themes: Workshop, Develop a Dialogue

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