Schools in Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest: see our new UCL East Schools Engagement website at www.ucl.ac.uk/ucl-east/engaging-schools-and-young-people

UCL East

We have a programme of activities dedicated to schools in the vicinity of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. You can find out all about this on the UCL East schools engagement website.

This is part of UCL’s work at the new campus which opened there in 2022 as part of East Bank. Envisaged as a new model for embedding a university campus in the community, you can find out more about UCL East here. East Bank is a new hub for creative industries, see our special careers page for info about this growing area of work.

UCL East Senior Schools Engagement Officer: Museums, Emma Bryant, was invited to speak at the international conference Universeum, on the theme of university museums assuming a social and societal role. Watch a video of Emma describing her work. 

Some of our projects

  • 'Ask the Expert' gives young people the chance to ask all sorts of exciting and inquisitive questions directly to our UCL experts. Visit the website here
  • 'Creating Aspirations' builds a positive lasting relationship between UCL and school children at George Mitchell Primary School in the London borough of Waltham Forest. Find out more here
  • 'Make An Impression II' showcased the work of students aged 13-18 who took part in the printmaking project. View the gallery here

During Covid19 lockdowns, we commissioned a series of blog posts about our school work, written by UCL students and graduates who lead many of the activities. They give an insight into the many experiences of engaging with young people, and museum objects, and how students learnt skills and developed new types of self-knowledge. The blogs are available on the UCL Public Engagement blog here.

Previous years

A detailed report on the impact of work carried out with schools last year is available to download: UCL East Museums and Schools Programme 2019-2020.

Reports on the first two years of the programme are also available, UCL East Museums and Schools Programme 2018-2019, and Evaluation Report 2017-2018 which describes the programme content in more detail.

We ran a special project in Hackney, during the 2019-20 academic year, exploring the link between robots, computer programming, 3D printing and animal movement. To find out more, visit the Ogden Trust website.

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