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Welcome to the Grant Museum Membership where you can explore even more of our amazing collection. Enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes stories, Members-only events and priority booking. 

The Grant Museum of Zoology has been a centre of research and discovery about the animal kingdom since 1828. Our collection is a source of inspiration to our visitors and a valuable resource to scientists working to protect the natural world. Your support through Membership will help ensure our ongoing research, conservation and curatorial work continues. 

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Member benefits

Individual Membership

£30 per year

  • Priority booking for Grant Museum events
  • Invitation to free Member-only events for you and one guest
  • Quarterly e-newsletter including behind-the-scenes collection stories

Family Membership (up to 2 adults and 4 children)

£45 per year

  • Monthly slots and free events in the Museum for family Members (the last Saturday of the month)
  • Priority booking for Grant Museum events
  • Invitation to free Family Member-only events 
  • Quarterly e-newsletter including behind-the-scenes collection stories 

Become a Patron

£175 per year

  • Personal invitation to exclusive Patron private views, events and curator talks for you and one guest
  • Priority booking for Grant Museum events
  • Invitation to free Member-only events for you and one guest
  • Quarterly e-newsletter with the latest news, activities and collection stories


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Grant Museum Membership FAQs

Membership Types and benefits 

What is the Individual Membership?

Individual Members get exclusive behind-the-scenes content to discover more about our amazing specimens in a quarterly newsletter, invitations to free Members-only events, and priority booking on other Grant Museum events. For our younger supporters, see our Family Membership, which has additional benefits for children. All of our Memberships last one year and can be renewed. 

What is the Family Membership?

Family Membership is valid for up to 2 adults and 4 children. 
Family Members get exclusive early access to the Museum on the last Saturday of every month, while special family activities are taking place. Booking is essential for this. 

What is the Patron Membership?

Patron Membership is an opportunity to give a higher level of annual support. In addition to all the benefits of Individual Membership you can expect personal invitations to exclusive Patron private views, events and curator talks.  

How do I get a student discount?

Students get a 50% discount on the cost of annual Membership. To sign up for a Membership at the student discount, you’ll need to visit us at the museum and show us your student ID card. If you’re unable to come to the museum in person, please contact us to verify your student status by email.  

I live abroad. Will I be able to take advantage of any Membership benefits?

We are very grateful to our international Members who continue to support the museum from abroad. Your help is what allows us to continue to research and protect the collection. You will still be able to enjoy many of the benefits of our Membership, including our quarterly newsletter packed full of exclusive stories and content. In this digitally connected world you will be able to enjoy some online events. Of course, if you’re ever in London, we look forward to welcoming you through our doors! 

Can I change my Membership type or upgrade to be a Patron level Member?

If you wish to change to a different Membership type you will need to purchase a new Membership. If you would like to do this and are within two weeks of ordering your last Membership we can arrange a refund your original Membership fee. Email us at museums@ucl.ac.uk or call 020 3108 9000 for further assistance with this. 

Gift Membership

How do I buy a Membership as a gift for someone else?

You can buy gift Membership here. You will purchase a voucher for the Membership type that you want to give as a gift. You will be able to choose who receives the activation link (yourself or the recipient of the gift). You can ask for the link to be sent out on a particular date. The Membership will begin from the date the activation link is redeemed and lasts for one year.

I’ve been given a gift Membership – what now?

When someone buys you Membership as a gift, you will be sent a special activation link. This will allow you to set up your Membership without payment. The Membership will begin from the date you redeem the activation link. If you cannot find your activation link, or you are having difficulty getting started, email us.  

Managing your Membership

How can I amend, cancel or renew my Membership?

You will be able to cancel your Membership within 14 days of purchase if your change your mind.  
When you become a Member you will set up a customer profile. You will be able to log in to amend your details at any time. 
You will be sent an invitation to renew your Membership in the month before it is due to expire.
You can also set up your Membership to auto-renew when you join, or opt-in to this later. 

How does auto-renewal work?

Auto-renewal provides continuous authority to allow us to charge your card annually for Grant Museum Membership. This means that you won’t need to remember to renew each year, and significantly cuts down on our administration costs, meaning more of your Membership money goes directly to supporting the museum. 
You can cancel your auto-renewal at any time by logging in and updating your preferences. 

My Membership was supposed to auto-renew, but my card details have changed. What do I do?

Auto-renewal is linked to the card you used for payment. If you change your card, you can update your payment details by logging in and updating your account in the Payment Cards tab. 
If we attempt to process your renewal and your card is no longer valid, you will receive an automated message from our ticketing program asking you to update your payment details. You will have 30 days’ grace period to update your payment details before your Membership expires.

Visiting the Grant Museum 

How/when can I visit the Grant Museum?

The Grant Museum is open Tuesday to Friday 1pm-5pm and Saturday 11am-5pm. You can find more details, including a handy map, right here. Our Family Members can also enjoy early access to the museum on the last Saturday of every month.

Do Members need to book to visit the Museum?

Regular museum visits do not requiring booking you can just walk-up.
If you’re a Family Member, you will only need to book to take advantage of early access on the last Saturday of every month. 
Members need to book for both Members-only events and public events at the Grant Museum. Members will be given priority booking for public events. 
For Members-only events Individual Members and Patrons can book up to two tickets for each event, one for themselves plus one for a guest.

Members’ Events 

How do I take advantage of early booking for Grant Museum events?

When tickets are put on sale for Grant Museum events, the booking link will be sent to Members 48 hours before going on sale for non-Members.  
On rare occasions, if the museum if hosting an event organised by a third party, we may not be able to offer priority booking. If you’re ever unsure about whether an event will be available for priority booking, you can contact us for help by email

Where can I find the programme of Members' events?

Invitation to Members' events and details of the upcoming programme are sent to Members via email.  

Are Members-only events free?

Individual Members and Patrons can book up to two tickets for each event for themselves plus a guest.

Are Family Member events free?

We have free family events programmed on the last Saturday of each month. Family Members can book up to 6 places for two adults and four children. These are open to all visitors, however we offer the first hour exclusively to Family Members. 

I have a Family Membership. Can I also book tickets for the Individual and Patrons events (and vice versa)?

Family Members can book tickets to all online events, but not in-person Members’ events.  
Individual Members and Patrons can book tickets to all online events and in-person Members’ events, but not Family Members’ events. 

Other FAQs

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

You can find our Terms and Conditions here.

I have a different question

No problem, just email us at museums@ucl.ac.uk



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