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Can super powers, cyborgs and multiverses featured in comics, become real in the future?

Is there any possibility of the real future being the same as in comics?

a pile of various comic books i.e silver surfer, batman and spiderman

4 April 2022

Great question!

We all have multiverses - the brain creates these as part of its perception of the world - but often we limit what we think about to what we believe could be possible. This is part of the human species' ability to create and think about possibilities in order to adapt to survive: by imagining impossible universes we are better able to adapt to the one(s) we might experience, so we can be more prepared for the surprise. 

The possibility for superpowers is limited a bit by the reality of how muscles, senses and the nervous system work, but, especially with senses, we can be more sensitive than we realise: Being in a completely dark room, for example, would seem to heighten our sensitivity to sounds, touch and smells - but actually the experience is what we are experiencing all the time, but without the emphasis on the visual being presented by our vision system.

3 amputees with bionic limbs: one has a prosthetic arm, one with one prosthetic leg and another with two prosthetic legs

Cyborgs are more constructed versions of artificial intelligence, and I think we are still a long way away from these being around on a daily basis. The real constraint is to create the multidimensional computation that would be necessary for a cyborg to be able to work in real time as quickly as a human.